Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Plan of the Cosmos


Love (God) does indeed have a "divine plan." It is for the full enlightenment in Love of every living being. This is the time prophesied by Paul, when God will be "all in all." That is, every thought in every mind, throughout all the galaxies, will be of only Love. In time, every being will become an incarnation of purest Love.

All karma will have been erased, and forgiven, all sins obliterated by this infinite Love. Then, creatures will live in perfect joy, bliss, ecstasy, and harmony for countless billions of years, or eons, into the indefinite future.

Every creature will find total wellness in Mind, and unending, irreversible joy in simple being, in the act of just living. Materialism, greed, violence, and fear will all have become only illusions from the "past." In fact, the "past" itself will drift away as illusion.


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