Friday, March 31, 2006

Country in Disaster

We want America back., March 24, 2006
Reviewer: Duke

The rise of the Christian Right in our country and government since 2000 has been truly frightening. It is unbelievable what has transpired in our country since the Bush administration. Our government has been hijacked by the "Christian" Right, blurring the lines of church and state, and pushing for a semi-theocratic government. I am not a Christian; and [I] recognize [that] many so called "Christian values" are not moral or godlike at all. So where does that leave me and millions like me.

This doesn't seem like the United States any more. The secrets, the king-like attitude of our president, cracking down on dissent and the press. The list goes on. We are truly heading down a dangerous road.

I was born and raised a Christian, but, thank God, I left that long ago. I believe in God, but recognize Christianity as mostly fiction like any other organized religion. I know the history of Christianity, the creation of the Bible, the how, and the why. Most Christians are incredibly ignorant of their own religion and how it came to be. (That goes for any organized religion.) People do not want their belief systems shattered. They go into "Christian shutdown mode" when confronted with lies, contradictions and inaccuracies of the Bible. It is just too disturbing for them; and they [also] go into automatic defensive mode. There is no critical eye, [but] just blind faith. [Organized] Christianity is man made, not God made. It is truly a primitive belief system. God wants you to question and discard the myths.

Hopefully [It is hoped that] someday, if humanity survives, we will learn to let go of our primitive and stone age belief systems.
They are killing us.

...God help us.

(Thanks to Mick Gallagher)

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