Friday, March 31, 2006

A New Pneumarium Family?

Your chart is that of a potentially great and delightful person. It is one with many potential gifts. It is true music to the ears to hear that you are going to revive your dormant spiritual Self. This is the very best decision that you have ever made, or can ever make.:)

It is also more "music" to hear that you want to start a Pneumarium study/discussion group locally. This is very easy, and it is another decision that you will never regret. To make it easy, if you want, you can use Journey as a basis for discussion, if you wish. What a sweet celebration of "family" this would be, and how all our local Pneumarium family would enjoy it! Sounds wonderful, exciting and delighting!

There is no better way to make friends-- and no better friends possible, than through the establishment of an "extended spiritual family," which is how we see our "Pneumarium family." You can then join our other new or proposed Pneumarium-groups in Vermont, South Dakota, Columbus, and Darjeeling (India). If we can do anything to help or assist, just please let us know.

I am thrilled to hear of your renewed interest in spirituality. It is no mere coincidence that your social conscience has been revived at the same time. Re your politics, I think that you must be true to yourself. If you pretend to be what you do not feel sincerely, your bodymind will exact a cost for this. [Your husband] does not love you for your politics. He should (and will) love you anyway. The days are long gone (good riddance) when a wife was only an "extension" of her husband. It is not always pleasant to live with an "opposite" politically, but Love can overcome any differences. You need to become your "authentic Self." Pretenses will not work, in the long run. And you do not want [your husband] to love an illusion, but your true self. The Way requires courage as well as honesty, and the Spirit is giving you a rather challenging beginning to your spiritual Way. Again, if there is any way that we can help, I, and the whole Pneumariumfamily, are one hundred percent behind you.

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