Saturday, August 23, 2008

Stop Oil Speculation Now

Thanks to Mick Gallagher.
Subject: Rep. Michael Turner left Washington for vacation without
addressing sky high oil prices
From: "Stop Oil Speculation Now"

Dear Friends of the Heart,

Because Americans demanded that Congress address the energy crisis, both the House and Senate debated the issue in July. But they didn't get the job done. In the end, Congress has done nothing to bring down the price of oil and gas. They went home for August recess without passing a bill that would end abuses by speculators in oil futures markets and increase production.

But it gets even worse: Rep. Michael Turner actually switched votes at the last minute and killed a bill to limit excessive speculation just days before Congress went home for August. That's right: Thirteen Members of the House of Representatives, including Rep. Michael Turner, switched their votes from yes to no and left Washington without addressing the top challenge facing the nation: sky high oil prices. They changed their vote to play partisan politics and try to make the other party look bad just to gain an advantage in this fall's elections.

The bottom line is that Rep. Michael Turner chose politics over people.

You have already sent e-mails to Congress demanding action on oil prices. Your voice has made a difference in this fight! But we need your help again. Rep. Michael Turner is home right now for the August recess; and it's important that you and your neighbors keep asking tough questions about politics and oil prices. Will you take a moment to call the local district office of Rep. Michael Turner and ask "Why did you switch your vote?" and "Where's the leadership?" and "Where's the bill?"

The local phone number for the district office is (937) 225-2843 and
click here for talking points and to let us know that you called:

Thanks for all of your efforts to keep the pressure on Congress to address the energy crises.


The Coalition to Stop Oil Speculation Now

P.S. A phone call to the district office is the most effective way to get your official's attention while he's home on recess. If you would prefer to send a note via email to the Washington office, click here:


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