Tuesday, August 19, 2008


By a passionate observer

With the admission of Jonathan Edwards' adultery in 2006, many are speaking as if he is a completely useless man. Edwards did more damage to himself than to anyone else. Certainly he hurt his wife, and he deserves blame for this; he also let down his loyal followers.

But his error does nothing to neutralize the great vision-- the eradication of poverty-- that he shared with the country. It also does nothing to erase his victories in legal battles against greedy, fat corporations.

His error was immense; but let not this one mistake blind us to the rich and deep good that still remains within the man. Instead, we can work to practice the highest ideal of Christianity and other faiths-- forgiveness. We can forgive the horror of the error and invite this man back into the "fold" of decision-makers. For he reminds us that people, even with all our many weaknesses, can do great good.


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