Monday, August 18, 2008

Independent Spirituality


We can no longer force ourselves to "join" any organized faith. We have God (Love) in our hearts, and that is all that we will ever need.

Hey, if George [pseudonym] is interested in the independent spiritual path, we have a couple of books that might help him along the Way.

Yes, we did know about Janet [pseudonym]; we feel that her recent decision was and is supported by the Holy Spirit of Love. She and I have visited a few times, and exchange semiregular emails. She is a beautiful lady, inside and out, and richly deserves the freedom offered by Love alone.

Regular prayer/meditation is the best "tonic" for life on earth-- never easy, but filled with joy, when we add the "ingredient" of Love! For Love always supports us, and is completely independent of anything that we can say or do. It is so much easier to follow the great mystical path of Tao than it is continuously to try to "influence" or "change" the Eternal and Infinite. The Way is as easy as floating, and many masters have said that the full life of cooperation is "effortless.":)



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