Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Spiritual Independence


Let freedom ring! And let freedom rock!:) We who were once servants of a human cult are now the free servants of freedom! We are servants of God (Love) alone, and we are determined never again to lose this special and beautiful gift of freedom. Yes, we share your smiles re those who have asserted their freedom to run their own lives as free human beings, having escaped the dull programming-efforts of the cult. We are now free to explore the entire wide and varied "smorgasbord" of spirituality, and there is a wide spectrum indeed of spiritual (Lovebased) paths before us, in both religion and psychology. Some of us continue to declare and to support our spiritual freedom by refusing to "join" any "organization," or any form of organized religion! We are, instead, happy spiritual free-lancers. We belong to God (Love) alone, and not to any organized religion! And we find continuous bliss in our spiritual independence.

We can work with any and all religions, or none at all; this is the very meaning of spiritual independence. It feels intuitively good and right for all of us, and so, we continue on the "pathless path.":) Together, all over the world, each and every day, we celebrate our spiritual freedom and independence. We are determined never again to give up our spiritual independence, to any religion or religious organization. For we greatly treasure and value our freedom in Christ (Love). It is an inexpressible delight to share the Way, and message, of radical spiritual
independence with other free and freed Souls!:)


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