Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Maintenance of Friendship


Yesterday evening's visit from you was a great and very thoughtful "Christmas gift.":) We got to share-- early-- some of that famous "Christmas spirit." This is, of course, the spirit of Love, generosity, giving, thoughtfulness, kindness, other-centeredness, and other delightful related positivities.

It stuns and somewhat surprises me just how easily even the best of friends can "lose each other" in the busy-ness of everyday life. Emails stop, phone-calls become rare, and visits scarce. Friendship is a living thing. It must be "fed" by fairly regular communications, or else, it can "die on the vine," evaporate, simply vanish. And this can just naturally happen, without anyone's doing anything, even without anyone's wanting it.

You have to do a little fun "work" to keep a friendship going, but it can disappear without any work at all. In fact, it "starves" when neglected.:(

I surely do not want this to happen to our very precious and light-filled, Love-filled friendship. For it is fun, energizing, positive, and life-enhancing. It makes our lives richer and more fun.

A friendship, no matter how strong or how long, can perish through simple neglect. Everyone is in greatest and immediate danger of becoming simply "too busy" to do "maintenance" on a friendship. This delightful friendship-maintenance includes fairly regular communications (emails, phone-calls, snailmails, cards) as well as visits when possible. It might also include, as in the Christmas Holy-day, small gifts as appropriate.

Let us simply think of each other. Let us do this often, and with Love in our hearts. And let us show that we truly love and care for each other. Friendship is the most beautiful gift that we can ever give each other. Construction of friendships is one of the reasons for living on earth. (It is a most common form of Lovexpression.) Investing in friendship is investing in the "ggold" of real spirituality. So, friendship-maintenance is real worship.

Creating, and maintaining, good friendships is one of the very few things that we can do on earth that will affect eternity. For the best friendships can last for millions or billions of years!:) So, friendship is the center-piece of Love, and one of the most important things in our lives. For long after these tiny lives have disappeared, friendship will stand by our side to support us and make us stronger and wiser.

It is rather startling, for example, how easily, and how quickly, the good habit of regular emails can simply die. It appears that even our email communications could follow this troubling path to non-existence.
Again, this letter is written so that this "vaporization" (through forgetting or busy-ness) does not occur in our case.

For we love you and think and speak of you quite often, with both Love and joy in our hearts. And the Season of Love and Light is the perfect time to express these sentiments,together with these caveats. And Love is always, like friendship, Its twin, a two-way communication. So, we look forward, with delight and pleasure, to your response to this email, so that, together, we can "get our friendship back on track.":)

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