Friday, December 07, 2007



What makes people "decent" is the Presence of a Lovemind or Love-nature deep within the (unconscious) mind. So, it is Love that is the root of decent behavior, decency being the flower of Love. Could a hypothetically loveless being-- totally without Love -- behave decently?

I do not think so. For one important consideration, she would lack the motivation, provided by Love.

This, of course, defines "Love" in its broadest and most universal definition, as intrinsic compassion, producing empathy, for the self and for all others. I should clarify that, when referring to "Love" in a conversation such as ours, I mean the Love that is universal, unconditional, and consistent. This is the cosmic Love that is God itself, a very special and widely vast Love that swallows, and includes, many subsystems within it, including decency, kindness, goodness, empathy, sympathy, tolerance, and dozens of other factors.

Deep within the Mind-- at a level so deep that it is collective (shared)-- there exists the Lovemind. This is the "mind of God." Unifying with It is a powerful healing (wholing) experience, and the reason that we were created (emanated) as "separate" Souls.

You may choose, of course, to define "Love" differently, and that is, of course, your right. But if so, then, we are on very different "pages," my friend. For if "Love" is defined as a lesser reality, then it is not the Love that is ultimate, supreme Reality ("truth" or God). And, to be honest, I have little to no interest in discussing this "lesser Love."

The Love to which we refer is the very highest expression of mind and heart. It is very vast and immense, and includes many lesser subsystems.

This is the glory of the human condition; indeed, it is the glory of the cosmos!

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