Saturday, December 01, 2007



We do indeed have much for which to be grateful. We place good, kind, loyal friends at the top of that list!:) Friends, especially those who last, and who stay in your life, are the "emeralds" of life. In so many ways, the cultivation of friendship is what this life is all about. For it is a very common pattern that Love takes in our lives.:)

We are "surrounded by goddesses." For I have the most delightful female friends in the whole world. Shining jewels, every one!:) I do, of course, have some male friends, but have always preferred female companionship, for I have found women to be deeper, more emotionally complex, more tender and loving, than males generally. They strike one as more artistic and poetic, more open to the matters of the heart.

Also, generally, they are more spiritual. All very, very good things!:)

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