Saturday, December 01, 2007

Cultic Counterfeits of Spirituality


No, my friend, I do not know, or know of, the man whom you mentioned, Himavat Ishaya. But I think that you are very wise to respond to your intuitive feelings about him. Sadly, the metaphysical and "spiritual" communities have always been special havens for lunatics, phonies, fakes, and charlatans. When a person makes a claim to be on a spiritual path -- and especially if she or he claims to be a "teacher"-- one should be able to see at least some of the Spirit working through her, as Love, joy, peace, or egolessness. The latter implies material simplicity and the total absence of greed. Anyone who talks too much about himself, his "famous" or "numerous" students, his money, or his personal spirituality is a phony. Also, anyone who over-charges for seminars, lectures, etc, is also a fake.

These bogus-teachers are rampant throughout the vulnerable "spiritual" community, because spiritual people are more open than most to non-traditional views. And, in some psyches, this fine openmindedness slips over the line, and becomes simple gullibility.

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