Monday, August 27, 2007

Taking Selflove Seriously: Your Donkey


Eating "comfort foods" is a very common way to "nutritionally self-medicate." But it is a poor way to support Love for your body, as they actually create harmful biochemical changes while "hiding" under "good" tastes. The senses, in this case, are very unreliable, and are serving the lower nature (the humanimal biomind), not the interests of the self or the higher Self.

You need to adjust the portions in your meals. Try to make them smaller, but still tasty and attractive. Suddenly to rip away all unhealthy foods might be a shock to the system, and might sabotage your efforts in the long run. (You might have very strong cravings for them.) So, keep one or two in your diet; but make it an infrequent (weekly) treat; you will look forward to it, and enjoy it so much more than ever before!

There is no such thing as the illusion of "lean" meat. All meat contains dangerous fats and highly perilous toxins. Some meats contain up to 2300 of these toxins, which can affect metabolism while setting up a toxicity-response in the body. Still, you need to get about 45 grams of protein daily. Try to derive this from milk, eggs, some nuts, cheeses, and a wide plethora of very yummy soy-products (including several types of burger, bacon, hot dogs, sausage, etc.) This makes great eating very easy!

From the teeth to the acidity of saliva, to the stomach-acid and intestinal tract, the human body is designed exactly like the bodies of other herbivores. In these important digestive areas, it bears no resemblance to the systems of carnivores. That is why fat, largely from cows and pigs, is so deadly to the cardiovascular system.

If we fed human beings with all the grain grown in this country, starvation would disappear! But instead, a full 90% of all American grains go to feed cows and pigs, so that we can have our burgers and bacon!

You can best love your donkey (body) buy feeding it the wonderful smorgasbords of delicious fruits, vegetables, and grains that nature provides in such abundance. No one needs meat to live; if anyone says that she does, she reveals only an abysmal nutritional ignorance.

Some meats literally rot in the stomach, and might take three to four days fully to rot. There is a reason that we find this picture repellant!

So, the cosmos is now offering you the greatest opportunity, one that might never again come your way: Do the very best thing that you can do for Sister Donkey, give her the best gift, by becoming a veggie! You will be glad, for the rest of a longer life, that you did!

Also, keep exercise moderate, in the beginning. Do not push or pull your muscles; and do not force them to strain. Do more reps on lighter weights, rather than fewer on heavier ones. You want to "up" the heartbeat moderately. Work out until your donkey says "enough." Stop then, and do not push yourself. Push yourself perhaps to the point of deep breathing, maybe light panting, but try not to do too much on your first visits. For if you overdo it on the first visit, there might not be a second. You will grow, in time, to love working out! It makes you feel great!

Please keep me posted re your progress.

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