Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Conscious Mind and the Body


Life has taught us to live virtually free of all expectations. Because of taking this philosophy seriously, all disappointments are minimized and very low-powered. They are more and more scarce, and weaker and weaker.

Nightmares due to neurochemistry do not depend on, or arise from, the "kinds of thoughts" that you think. Neither do most conditions in the world of cells and molecules.

There are a few "fairy-tale" people who insist on blaming the content of the conscious mind for every illness. These people, claiming to be "metaphysical," or even "spiritual," are lost in hopeless ego-fantasy. Experience has taught that these people are simply terrified of life. They force themselves to believe that their conscious minds (egos) control the molecular and cellular universes, because the idea of relaxing into faith and trust horrifies them. Thus, they feel ghastly guilt whenever anything goes wrong in their lives. (This is selfcreated hell.) They are "anti-Taoists," pushing hard against the cosmos, in insisting that their conscious minds are God-- thus, misunderstanding almost everything at a very basic level.

They are utterly lost in confusion, always reading and blah-blahing about "positive thinking" and related subjects. (For the record, positive thinking is very good and powerfully therapeutic, but has many limitations.) But these bold but trembling talkers are all talk. They cannot change the color of a single hair upon their own heads, as the master Jesus said.

So, forget about controlling the whole world, and forget about controlling even the whole mind. Our tiny little conscious minds were never created for, or given the power-level necessary for, controlling. (Their function is simple experience, not control.)

Instead, sink down into a deep, bottomless, bright cloud of Love. Rest into It, and let It carry you. Immerse yourself in total saturation of this Love, and let it soak into everypore, every cell, of your body and brain. As far as possible, think only thoughts of Love. Learn to love, and be grateful for, even the hell-images of nightmare, which are here to warn (about certain drugs, for example) and to educate; they are also Love, at their Core.

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