Monday, August 27, 2007

"A Course in Miracles"


I read acim several times, and have given it many years of concentrated thought and quality-time. So, ideas about the book are not superficial or knee-jerk responses.

The book is fine. It has much common sense. It reminds irresistibly of a Twelve Step meeting. In some psychological "pop" jargon, it gives good advice that is workable.

The book, not surprisingly, was written by a couple of psychologists. That in itself is neither a plus nor a minus! But most psychologists do have a fairly good grasp on the normal, healthy functions of the human mind; so, they can help others.

Still, as the absurdities of the Freudian era so convincingly demonstrate, psychology is never perfect. So, I do have several questions about the book:

First, it is clearly over-named. The book says nothing about "miracles" as that term is generally understood in religious history or spiritual psychology. It was given this captivating name to grab attention, and it did. But it definitely needs a title that promises less, for it does not deliver anything promised by this attention-grabbing title. It does not
"teach miracles."

Second, the good book has become the recent center of a cult. There are several "true believers" who see the book as the "new Bible." If acim says it, it must be true; if acim does not say it, it probably does not matter! This cuts true believers off from all future growth. For no one can live her life most effectively by "living by the book," following only one book-- even one as fine and eloquent as the Bible.

We always need to be open to other resources, other sources of truth.

True believers think themselves "enlightened" over all others. I went through this spiritual disease, called "superiorism," while in the cult. It is a very dangerous mindset, for it tells you that you are getting better as you become sicker.

Is the book good reading? Yes! But was it written by Jesus Christ, channeled? No, it was, like all other books, written by human beings. The book can be wise, but it is not infallible. It has good, but not great, ideas. It is well-written, but probably does not contain a single original thought.

Read it, enjoy it, take notes and learn from it. But please try to exercise common sense and avoid the cultism that has accreted aroundcertain groups.

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Alban, Teacher of God said...

Wow, wow. What is this?

Nothing about miracles? No original thought?

I really don't know what you are talking about? You must be really superior beyond all measure, or talking about a different book.

The Course written just by human beings like any other book? That is not true. No human being could possibly have written this book without divine intervention. It clearly talks about its origin.

To me the Course is about acceptance, or at least practice of the ideas contained, with no reservation. Thereby I experience a whole new vision and truly light that has NOTHING to do with this world.

I am not from here. I am the miracle, and all my thoughts of conceptual evaluation mean nothing, having no bearing on reality. That is a miracle. Thank God. I suggest you take the same stance and say with me, "all my thoughts expressed here mean nothing."