Wednesday, August 22, 2007



After his betrayal of Jesus Christ, turning him over to the monstrous Romans, Judas felt a nightmarish and horrible pang of deep regret. This created karma for centuries. Judas was not a "completely" evil man; if he were, Jesus would not have selected him to be one of the twelve apostles.

A part of Judas loved Jesus very deeply. Since he was a scorpio, his passions ran more deeply than those of his brothers. And his betrayal of Jesus was not so that Jesus would be murdered. Instead, Judas thought, it would force Jesus to reveal supernatural Power, to deliver himself.

Judas likely suffered from some rather extreme and severe mental illness. This was stated, in the ancient symbolic record, in the colorful language of the time: "Satan entered into him," and precipitated his madness.

Still, the indication is, despite all this, that Judas was essentially striving to be a good man. He loved Jesus deeply. So, his conscience got the better of this gentle, extremely sensitive man. His Soul wanted to pursue the Soul of Jesus into the galaxy, and there was only one way to do this: So, he pursued his Lord into death, confident that the two would survive death and be together again.

Since his incarnation as a man named "Judas," over two thousand years ago, this Soul has learned many beautiful lessons and has found forgiveness and peace. He is now a being of Light, and is free.

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