Saturday, May 12, 2007



Since you showed some interest in the Way of Taoism, thought a little follow-up might be nice:

Tao (pronounced "dow") is an indefinable, great, and mysterious Power or Mind that runs and controls the cosmos. Tao is manifested in pattern. Designs on butterfly-wings and tortoise-shells are two of many, many examples.

This same Tao is also manifest as the activities of the physical body, especially in natural nanotech: The Tao transforms dirt, water, and sunlight into fruits and vegetables, and then, in yet another nanotech "miracle," transforms these foods into your physical body.

We see Tao in action every day, in the beating of your heart and the rising of the sun. So, belief in this Power does not require "blind faith."

The Taoist, or Taoist mystic, is the person who, on a practical level, develops trust in this unseen Power. In the West, this is "faith." Jesus taught pure Taoism when he told his disciples, in Matthew, chapter 5, to live like birds and flowers -- without worry, fretting, or fear.

The Taoist's main jewel is the absence of all personal desire. She wants many things, but they are all what Love wants. She does not eliminate all desire, but only all personal desire. This gives the famous Taoist tranquility, and guarantees the absence of greed. Like the cosmic Lovemind of many other systems of mysticism, the Tao can work only through a mind that is still and quiet, as in meditation, and a mind that
is not continually troubled with, stuffed with, personal desires.

Also, believing in this Power, the Taoist gives up all control, or attempts to control, the activities of others, or the outcome of her life. She must control the car, or the chainsaw, of course. But she does not control the world; even the control of her own body she gives up to the mysterious Power of Tao. This greatly lessens anxiety, increasing serenity.

Instead of grasping control, she seeks to become a "vessel" or "instrument" of Tao, or the great Mind. In terms of other forms of mysticism, she becomes a tool of Love. Like Jesus, her longterm goal is to become an "incarnation of God (Love)."

Just a few ideas to think about, from an aspiring Taoist!:)

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