Sunday, May 06, 2007



Although there is only one "God, one Holy Spirit, and It is Love," there are dozens of things that can be said about God. For example, one can write a hundred pages about one book, for there are many things to say.

In the history of human development, human beings have come up with thousands of ideas about God. Some have come about, they claim, by "revelation." Others are developed through logic, and others, poetic expansions of spiritual themes.

Add to this that God expresses in a wide abundance of forms. At different times, in different cultures, to different peoples, God has expressed Him/Herself in thousands of manifestations or expressions. This has given birth to hundreds of varieties of religion. Some very strict people believe that only their religion is "right," and all others "wrong." They do this because they are desperate, and deep down, fear that they might be "wrong."

Religions are not the very best that God has to give. They are the best that human beings can create when they approach an infinite and unlimited God. Jesus set forth the simple but profound principle, "Nothing is impossible with God."

People love to argue and fight; they will say that one religion or another is "impossible to be true," but then, they contradict Jesus' principle. WARNING: Whenever anyone says that, "God cannot..." or, "That view is impossible...." she is betraying only her own limitations. For with God, all views, all ideas, all things, all activities, are possible, except those that violate Love, which is God Itself.

The multiplicity of religions is not a bad or sad event. It is a monument to human creativity, and to the glory of God, in His gigantic, vast, immense diversity. God loves diversity, and does not want everyone to be "the same." For nature has produced thousands of varieties of roses, thousands of kinds of butterflies, and as many species, as many stars. We do not find "conformity" in the whole of God's natural world.

God has made human brains-- the most complex items in the physical universe-- even more diversified. If God wanted us all to be alike, he would have given us all the same kind of brain.

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