Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Absolute Love


Everything is not conditional. For Love is the Absolute, the only absolute in all creation. To say that It is absolute means that It is relative to, or conditioned upon, nothing.

Many other aspects of thought and behavior are conditional simply because we live in a conditional world -- a world of relativity. Is it "cold" outside? In the summer, "cold" is forty-nine degrees. But, in winter, that same temperature is "warm." So, like most things in our world, things must be measured according to the yardstick of a sliding scale.

It would be a hideous and dangerous mistake, however, to put all morality on such a sliding or relative scale. Then (and this is what people have done), you could and would excuse all kinds of immoral behavior by parroting the slick but dishonest line, "Morality is relative." Morality is anything that voluntarily helps or aids living creatures; immorality anything that deliberately hurts or harms them. Advocates (and they are many) claim that morality (goodness) is "relative" to culture, religion, situation, or even time.

The enlightened are not absolutists. For example, lying is wrong. But if asked by nazis whether a Jewess was hiding in the attic, and they wanted to torture or kill her, the loving being would have to say "No" even though the literal truth was "Yes." For Love would, in this extreme and rare condition, be a more important moral behavior than literal, "absolute" truth.

Generally speaking, however, for the good of society and the personal Soul, the enlightened recognize the "rules" of morality as practical or virtual absolutes. They are not to be "bent" at every whim. They must be followed "to the letter," but the "letter of the law" must also follow the Spirit, that is, Love.

"Christians," throughout the centuries, have mercilessly tortured and killed others, including other Christians, because they have twisted good and true morality into the horrible distortions of "exceptions."

Jesus said to love your enemies, they said, but that did not mean... (fill in the blank): Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Russians, African Americans, Caucasians, Protestants, Catholics, and on and on, sickeningly, the list of "exceptions" multiplied.

We must not make "exceptions" to the laws of Love, nullifying them, neutralizing them, and engaging in immorality. The lower nature (human or animal) will so direct us;in fact, it will push us in this direction. It will say that it is "okay," or even "necessary," to harm living sentient beings. Thus will it lead us into dangerous immorality, and to sow the seeds of destructive negative karma. Fools and other ignorant and cruel people will give in every time. To know the difference between good and evil is the peak of wisdom.

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