Sunday, May 20, 2007

The quiet jewel of truth


Life, when carefully studied, proves beyond the shadow of any reasonable doubt that a "Taoistic" response is better, and more effective than the fierce attack of an "enemy," or the feeble retreat of the ashamed. Jesus answered with only silence when asked perhaps the most important question in the world, "What is truth?" (A fundy, by contrast, would still be spouting dubious doctrine.:)

Words to live by, and that bring or support success, are these: "When all are shouting, it is the whisper that compels attention."

So, the intelligent and fine pattern of "going with the Flow" makes good psychological as well as emotional and spiritual sense. After all, when something is beautiful, it does not have to be put on gawdy display. Its beauty will shine forth. The sage named Lao Tzu famously wrote, "The sage wears plain, even rough, clothing. But inside, she carries the indescribable jewel."

Since you have that exquisite jewel within your heart, you need never worry about eclipsing its magnificent but quiet, awesome beauty.

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