Thursday, April 09, 2009

It Is Time To Speak Up and Speak Out Loudly and Forcefully!

Thanks to Mick Gallagher.


I will now shut up & sit down, for I am incapable of not losing my temper when discussing the hate & lies propagated over "our public airwaves." Yes, there are 'free speech' arguments here. But free "hate" speech? Where is the fcc?!

The latest tragedy involving the massive weaponry owned by Americans involves the sad low point of the 3 Pittsburgh Police officers gunned down there by a young man, who lost his job, and also 'thought' the Obama administration was going to take all his guns, including the AK47 he used to kill. And would the police officers [take away forcefully his rifles?] [This is]a threat used by the right for twenty-five to
thirty-five yrs!

Now where did he get this idea? Well, it's been the latest in a long line of rumors/threats from the GOP, RNC Neocon's through corporate rightwing media-- which millions listen to every day, and believe all that they hear as if it's Gospel Truth.

Perhaps they confused this administrations desire for a reduction in nuclear weapons... and the reigning in of roguestates.

But we all need to sit down, take some time to have a short, concise, rational letter to an editor written soon. This nonsense has gone on for too long!

During the [2008 Presidential] Campaign, they spewed hate & lies towards Obama, with threats about assassination, [and that] the blacks would riot, if they didn't get their way. The [rightwingers] used every hateful, incendiary, inflammatory lie they could to try to defeat the positive changes we desperately need, and [which] the world awaits. I also suggest the call in comment lines on C-SPAN, MSNBC, CNN, RUSH,
O'REILLY, SEAN HANNITY(FOX),etc. Those rightwing shows rarely get calls from intelligent liberals [progressives], maybe because we are not confrontational in general. But we need to speak up strongly & forcefully now--to set the record straight, once again! Please call in lines to newspapers too. When we don't speak up, it is taken as weakness, and [in some cases,] it is true. This "new," different guy is "rushing socialism and massive guncontrol." [The same policies were interpreted very differently] when they were [suggested by] the neoconmen bankers, etc, along with the bush Cabal's "free for all" de-regulation legislation to grease the skids of cronie unbridled capitalism.

Once again, as when Clinton came in, we have to clean up. [The economy, military, foreign policy, and government are]a real, real mess-- not imagined. I know the Fed reserve Rueben, Summers, Greenspan were fully in charge during the time of bush; and they're still there!

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