Sunday, April 05, 2009

Hopeless Reaching for Goddess


Happily, the most important things in our lives do not at all depend in any way on our belief in them. Whether we believe it or not, Goddess is Love; and even if we lack the ability to believe, She remains Love. Even when Love is inaccessible, or incomprehensible, It/She is still present within the Core-mind, deep inside you and inside me. Even when we have lost the ability to cry out (or, in) to this Love, It/She knows our sufferings; She heals us through each other.

She enters the heart most often through our discovery of personal helplessness. That means that we must completely give up on, abandon, any personal desires to "fix" our lives, and step out of Her way.

We cannot solve every problem in the universe; but at least, we can share our tears and fears.

So, whether you know it or not, Love is an interior Force for good that is always working to heal you-- make you whole. But please try to be patient, for healing does take time. If you want to discuss this or any related matter personally, please give me a quick call. [The number is (513)737-LOVE (5683).]

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