Sunday, April 12, 2009

Angelic Activity?


One of the major advantages of being free spiritual people is that we are not forced into agreement or conformity about every little detail of our spiritual lives. We are free to agree to disagree about minor things, while remaining friends, with deep respect for each other. While it is understood that finding parking spaces makes you feel cared for, and that is good (even healing), I find it hard to believe that beings of immense, vast cosmic power, working on a planet where thousands of human beings and many other species are suffering from terrible pain and suffering every day, use the finest energies of infinite Love to find a parking space for your convenience. I have also met a few others who, when lucky enough to have found a parking space, have assured me that this was due to "angelic intervention."

The real danger here is that we can trivialize the enormous Power of God, the higher Power that is designed to heal and enlighten the planet, and the universe (someday). The polygalactic Lord of Love is not directly involved in trivial or petty matters; it is like assuming that Barack Obama will take the time from his active and busy schedule to come to your house to repair a broken sugarbowl.:):) Of course, you are always completely free to believe whatever you choose and want to
believe, as am I.:):)

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