Saturday, August 05, 2006

Theory of Karma


Yes, the mystic is guided by the internally consistent cosmic view of karma. This provides a comprehensive and exhaustive perspective that explains, rather than just "explaining away," the events spacetime. Every Soulmind has a unique karma, although they share many factors in common, e.g., the generally "upward" or "progressive" movement from lesser to greater spirituality (goodness, Love, wisdom, etc.)

Souls all begin as split-offs from the one Mind, which, in Its attempt to fulfill and express Itself, "plays the role" of "separate" souls. To make the effect complete, Mind can use its omnipotence to will Itself into states of apparent limitation. It can "hypnotize" Itself into believing that It is limited mind-- yours and mine, for example.

Yes, a soul can regress as well as progress. Enjoying free will (which is not "partially free"-- not free at all), a Soulmind can commit any act which it desires or wills. It can perform acts of evil, ignorance, violence, laziness, stupidity, or a plethora of potential acts that will set the interior "wheels" of karma spinning. A Soulmind can even regress life after life, and can erase or neutralize many lives of good or positive karma. Most do not, because the Light brings wisdom, and wisdom, by its very nature, prevents and neutralizes the dominance of ignorance.

It is built into the Mind that goodness is pleasant and positive, and evil damaging, at many levels. Even those who, in ignorance, do not seem to recognize this, are still "constructed" along this pattern. It is an element called "conscience," and is a reliable guide.

A part of the Mind called the "Watcher" or "Observer" carefully records our every voluntary, deliberate behavior. This aspect of the Soulmind (Unconscious) keeps an accurate and continuously running account of all of our voluntary behaviors. It is likened to a tape-recorder, and it "records" in this life all the stuff that we will "play back" in our next life. This assures perfect justice and balance in life.

As noted before, other types of karma are optional or elective, chosen by the soul as a test or exam, to evaluate its progress. (Not all karma is the reflexive or reflective karma so well-known to everyone.)

To use your term, the "unique final destination" of the soul is enlightenment. This is return to Reality, the recognition of Reality or "truth." This is, ultimately, what all science and philosophy are about. This Reality is the one Mind. Many feel a certain anxiety when contemplating the return to this Mind, for it does imply the disappearance (absorption) of the egoself. But instead of seeing the Mind as overwhelming and dissolving the ego, you could also look at the process this way: The ego grows into a higher and higher Self, each more fulfilled, satisfied, and content than the previous one, life after life, until it starts to realize that it is the Mind of Love and bliss Itself. The primitive ego fears its vanishing into higher Mind or Self, but there is nothing to fear. For the natural and inevitable state of Reality (Mind) is pure, unabated joy, or bliss. We are made to fall in Love with Love, and, when we do, the result is ecstasy, true completion, closure,and absolute and total wholeness.

Our joy increases as Love expands, for Love-- of yourself, the world, other creatures, other people, and God the Reality-- is the most awesome experience in the cosmos. Also, we do not have to fear total integration, as we are all likely millions of years away from total Mind; by the time that final emergence into mergence actually ocurs, we will have been prepared entirely for it.

Meanwhile, all life-- every moment-- is training.

The mind does grow into a final state of joy, bliss, tranquility, enlightenment. But this is not at all a state of stasis; inactivity is impossible fort the Mind, which is by nature dynamic. So, there is a "final state," but it too is one of continuous action, interaction, experience, modification. It is paradoxically both the open door to further experience and the goal of all experience.

Knowledge is great, even fun. Ideally, it leads to that coordinated Whole called wisdom. But even wisdom, as fine as it is, is not enough to "get you there." For wisdom must blossom into the flower of Love, which alone can liberate us. Being "in Love with Love" (God) is an endless and eternally progressive state. Love, as noted, is the endgoal, but does not imply stopping or cessation; to the contrary, It calls us into further action and activity. Here, we run up against the paradox created by the limitations of words: The soul, like the cosmos, is an infinite progression, movement and activity without end. But there is also an endpoint of "active rest," an ultimate state o of completion, fulfillment, and closure that does not imply that progress is "over" or "done with."

For the Mind chooses to continue playing (lila) even from the position or viewpoint of total enlightenment. For It hungers for experience, and It is especially attracted to joy-bliss. In order to satisfy this real need, It has created ten thousand different forms and powerlevels of bliss, ecstasy, rapture, and related states of joy. Knowing them, with gnosis, is the reward of the timeless life.

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