Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Definition of "Psychon"


A "psychon" is a unit of mental measurement. It is that quantity of energy necessary for a single thought or thought-cluster to achieve conscious status or awareness. A thought emerges from the Unconscious, and requires a certain amount of energy to ascend into conscious awareness. The word is often used to indicate the weakness of a thought, as in "millipsychons," "micropsychons," etc. We could say, for example, that the shrub has "not a millipsychon's understanding of international geopolitics." Or, we could truthfully say, "He has not a micropsychon of compassion."

On the other hand, in its expansive forms, it can be used to indicate the greatness or Power of a thought or idea: "I have megapsychons of respect for my friends." Or, more mildly, "I have kilopsychons of interest in crystals." (Much milder interest could be expressed in decapsychons.")

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