Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More about "Psychons"

It was never claimed that a "psychon" for one person was exactly equivalent to a psychon of another. It is a subjective measurement, and can vary widely, depending upon 1) the person, 2) the intensity of the thought, and 3) any special or neurochemical circumstances.

For the sleep-deprived caffeine-addict, his personal psychon would have a higher value, in mathematical or comparative terms, than that of a person who spends much time, for example, in meditation. The value of a psychon depends upon mental clarity, and is of a far different value in a chemical-addict, including one who regularly over-uses alcohol or caffeine.

For this reason, that interior conditions are always changing, the value of a psychon can vary widely within the individual herself. This only reinforces a principle already expressed: The numerical value of a psychon does depend on the type of thought, or upon the individual thought. Psychons are used to analyze the individual. A psychon has no value in comparative or groupsychology.

It takes more, many more, psychons for a thought of childhood sexual abuse to rise to consciousness than the thought of a day at the beach, frolicking. The purpose of the psychon-measurement, or one of them, is to compare the psychonic levels necessary to bring a thought or thought-complex (aggregate) to the level of conscious awareness.

To draw from the Collective requires many more psychons than it takes to withdraw a conscious thoughtconcept from the preconscious mind, which is rather shallow. To draw from the personal unconscious might require many,especially if the thought is deeply buried, old, or defended. The Soulevel of Mind is even far deeper, requiring many more psychons than from the personal, and the collective even deeper than that. To withdraw thoughtconcepts from the Coremind, Lovemind, or God requires an entirely altered state, utilizing a major flowquantity of psychons. Oddly, and paradoxically, however, often after the mystical experience, the psychonic activity drops to zero in allowing the interior Light to shine through. For then, the higher Mind takes over, and psychonic measurements do not apply to It, since It is infinite, and is the Infinite.

It cannot, as noted, be "defined" as a single entity for all people. But within the context of any given person, it can be defined. Once the definition of a psychon is established for one person, that unit can be used to measure only her patterns. In the case of easily retrieved and accessible thoughtconcepts, a psychon can rather easily be defined, from the shallow preconscious mind, and this would be the standard. In cases of repressed trauma, for example, it might require anywhere from decapsychons to kilopsychons to withdraw a thoughtconcept or memory.

The "psychon," as a bottom-line or yardstick, is based on the amount of energy needed to withdraw a thoughtconcept or memory from the preconscious mind (easily, readily available and accessible) to conscious awareness. Multiples of the psychon, as noted, are required to access more challenging, repressed, suppressed, or defended memories or thoughtconcepts.

A psychon is a subtle and subjective measurement based on the individual mind. And it must be so defined. It is not directly comparable to the units of energy used in physics or medicine, or in machinery or devices, generally.

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