Thursday, July 14, 2005

World as "Mirror"


The statement that the world is "made up of your own mindstuff" could be taken to imply that the cosmos contains only those items that we consciously create. It could imply that we personally are the dreamers of our world.

Mysticism takes a deeper view: The world is dreamed up by the great Dreamermind, or Creatormind, a part or facet of the Coremind, Lovemind, or God. True, we are the instruments through which our world is dreamed into being, but we are not, as "separate" minds, the dreamers. We share a world because the level of Mind that dreams it up is collective. Again, uncertainty arises when the conscious mind is confused with the Unconscious. We must be aware of this, for people, including "teachers," are always making this important error.

The world (cosmos) is unconsciously dreamed into being, and then, we consciously respond to it. So most items in our world are not personal. They arise from a collective source, deep in Mind. Even the most negative things and people are here to challenge us. But the cosmos is not a mirror of the conscious mind. So, when we "see" a murderer, that does not mean that a part of our personal mind wants to murder. Nor does it imply even that we are potential killers.

We all see, or hear of, many atrocities every day. They are mirrors of Mind, but not of our personal minds. What is personal about the dream is not the thematic structure of the entire dream, but only karmic components from the past, including challenges. All the evil of the world is not within you, even potentially; but it is within the Mind, at a collective level.

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