Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bucks, Crooks, and Honesty


When greed becomes the only evaluative criterion of measuring or interpreting data, the sick and slick misuse of science becomes inevitable. The current administration favors corporate profits over human life. If this is doubted, just check with any of the friends or relatives of the 112,000 Iraqis murdered, or of the 1,800 American girls and boys fed into the corporate meatgrinder of the warmachine.

The gov is so hellishly greedy that it has not hesitated to reverse and neutralize laws necessary to preserve life itself. It is so foolish, so blinded by greed, that it will sacrifice not only our own lives, the lives of American girls and boys, the lives of others, but all life forever on earth. For uncontrolled pollution can make all future life on planet earth impossible. But, they claim, it is worth it, for a few immediate bucks in obscene profits. The gov is owned, in real ways, by many corporations. Isn't that the very definition of "fascism"?

Pres bush is in the back pocket of more corporations, and of more corporate execs, than he can count. (The fact that he can count to only six does not help!:) We need to use every aspect of the voice of the people to counteract the mindless and boundless greed that has taken over the minds of leaders. All this has been accomplished by corporate money. Bribery is pervasive, although it has other, nicer, names. A gove run by money without morality is a danger to every one of its citizens. It also poses a danger to the planet itself.

Money supports every form of immorality and obscenity. As the Christian mystic reminds us, "The Love of money is a root of all evil." And "all evil" has sprouted in the dark, evil minds of greedy men and women who have taken illicit control of the gov, and want the entire world!

It should be especially awakening to realize that science, and scientific research and its results, are compromised, altered, faked, and bigoted by economic considerations. Without good, detached, reliable science, all the laws of the past thirty years regarding ecology would never have been passed. Moneymongers, like warmongers, want to return the world to the feudal systems of the prescientific world. Why? Because an ignorant populace is easier to control. Hitler and other idiots historically abused or distorted "science" to support racial and other bigotries. Today's American corporations are walking in the very footsteps of the nazis, and so are leaders of the gov. No one can believe the gov anymore, and no one can respect a gov that cannot be believed. We have been lied to once too often. The gov has earned only our firm distrust.

A man who will do anything to gain money or power cannot be trusted with anything. For everything is consumed by the nightmarish dragon of his greed. He has no moral fiber, and has lost all moral strength and viability. When he talks, people laugh-- and cry-- but never listen. He has lost all credibility.

Liars and fakes have well earned the mistrust of everyone. The most corrupt are the strongest, at least, in our society. Their goal is to rule, not just the world, but the entire cosmos; they want science itself to bend to their will. And if it does not, they will pretend that it does, and simply fake the science. When millions of bucks are involved, the most honorable scientist can discover that she has a price, that she can be "bought." Buying science, like buying scientists, is a dangerous occupation, and leads to lies that are lethal to children, older people, sick people, and, in the end, to every one of us. No one can escape bad science, for corporate and national policies can arise from it. And this is doubly so if the leaders are already corrupt, have proved that they can be bought or controlled if the price is right.

Those who choose not to regulate their own behavior must be regulated forcefully by society. This applies as much to the corporate or political fool as it does to the dangerous rapist. We must form balanced and compassionate, moderate laws, and then, enforce them. No criminal can ever be trusted to regulate her/his own behavior. Criminals by nature and definition are harmful to others because they do not give a care about them, even if they are rulers of entire countries. Criminals who lie openly, and who build political careers on lies, are more dangerous than anyone else. Only exposing publicly their actions, and expressing our disgust with them, will make any kind of positive changes in our society.

We dare not be neutral about such antihuman actions and policies. And we must, as reasonable, compassionate people, never find ourselves mired in the same moral quicksand as the criminals. We must not waste timenergy defending them, but must expose them and their lies and other corruptions, unmasking greed. For, like fungus, greed thrives in darkness, and grows in dark hearts. Sunlight is the ultimate sanitizer.

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