Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Letter from Brad, A Quaker


I am one of the Type one Quakers, as described [in the previous issue of the uld]. Let me clarify some points. We call our gathering places and worship "meeting houses" and "meetings" not "churches." (Type two, or programmed, Quakers call their building and worship "church.") Many of the unprogrammed Quakers (Type one) belong to yearly meetings (a grouping of other local meetings called "monthly meetings."). And there is one larger grouping, namely Friends General Conference, though other unprogrammed Friends (Quakers) are called "Conservative" and others yet are independent at the monthly or yearly meeting level.

The worship process described in the note is generally correct; however, there is much more relational interaction in a sense of a "beloved community" going on. And Friends are often described as pra[c]tical mystics, because we take our experience of the divine into our daily living, often seen by others in our peace and social justice work.

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