Sunday, May 17, 2009

Healing Touch

This donkey (body) heals more like you: It has to be touched a lot, and is a big believer in "therapeutic touch," now practiced by some nurses, and in integrative medicine (used to be "holistic," or "alternative" medicine).

People who are in absolutely splendid health need to be touched regularly, so it makes sense that those who are ill-- in need of positive energy-- need touch even more. What would the experience of a kitten, puppy, or other sweet critter be without being able to touch him/her?

So, at times, to love is to touch, and vice-versa. Everyone needs touch, although some pretend not to. ]They want others to think that they are "too tough" to need touch. (There is actually only one letter difference between "tough" and "touch.")]

Studies of infants and toddlers had to be discontinued when certain ones were selected not to be touched. These neglected children actually died! Scientists called this lethal condition "failure to thrive."

So, if young human beings are not touched, they die. Basically the same emotive processes and the same biochemistry and neurochemistry mark more mature members of the species. Thus, it follows logically that adults also need touch. And, as the absence of touch acts as a lethal toxin to the very young, it is also a toxic condition when adults do not touch.

This is a subtle and weak toxin, but its effects, in our cold society, can be cumulative. Needing to touch others, and to be touched by other positive people, is not a weakness, but an inherited or intrinsic need of human psychophysiology.

Thus, the more hugs, the more handshakes, the more sharing, the better! We must return to the simple ways of our ancestors, who lived without computers, cyberphones, ipods, and other isolating mechanisms. We must learn to reach out to one another, and offer our hearts through our hands. This is a very touching and touchy subject!:) But it is one that we all need to think about, especially those among us who have real interests in healing each other and the planet!:)

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