Thursday, June 04, 2009

All Life Is Sacred

Fanatical rightwingers, even murderers, are so very proud, and selfrighteous, about the fact that they love to call themselves "pro-life." This is consciously designed to imply that anyone who disagrees with them, even in fine detail, is "anti-life."

Since there is no "anti-life" movement, it is just plain unrealistic, unfair, and inaccurate, to call these people "pro-life." And to call them "anti-abortion" also implies falsely that others are "pro-abortion."

This too is scandalously inaccurate. For no one in the world is actually "pro-abortion." No one celebrates abortion, and no one is thrilled with joy when this medical procedure must be performed. Even professionals often perform abortions through tears-- their own, and those of the mother.

The fairest, and most accurate, way of designating the two sides might be "pro-choice" and "anti-choice." This is perhaps the least offensive, and judgmental, of designations.

The anti-choice people claim that they alone value life as sacred. But are they at all consistent in this "formal" or "official" position? No, for they do not value human life enough to refrain from murder. Several members of the pro-choice community have been murdered by the anti-choice people during the last thirty years. Extremely rarely, if ever, has it worked the other way-- with a pro-choice person murdering an anti-choice person. The ghastly case of Dr. Tiller is but one example of a nightmarish trend among these Jehovist killlers.

The situation gets even worse: Most of the people who supported the extremely bloody war in Iraq, which killed altogether about a million people, were "anti-choice" religious zealots-- often described accurately as "fanatics."

In other ways, too, these people do not defend or support life. Most of them are voracious carnivores, killing truly sentient beings for food. In fact, they go much further, laughing at and mocking vegetarians.

A fact which they almost never realize is that this present life is not the whole, the totality, of life. For life survives death. And this is a matrixteaching of Christianity, as well as of Buddhism, and several other faiths.

Anti-choice people react as if the physical life of the physical fetus is the one and only one, or the only one that counts. They ignore the teaching of Jesus and all other enlightened people: For the masters, saints, sages, and general mystics of all history hold that death is a survivable experience. Thus, while life on earth is extremely sacred, holy, and inviolable, it is never "all that there is." (These same extremists seem terrified to have any faith in God, and for the same or similar reasons, they reject euthanasia.)

If the anti-choice people did not interfere, the Souls which did not incarnate in a physical body would simply return to their Home-- the lovely Homeworld.

We who are profound believers do not use this fine and beautiful teaching as an "excuse" to murder, or to be indifferent about physical life. Most of us hold all physical life to be so sacred that some refuse to take the lives of even animals, who are also beloved.

If nature herself is allowed to take the natural course, without interference, nature itself will destroy many, many fetuses in "miscarriage." Do the anti-choice advocates go so far as to blame God, or nature, for this? (It is something about which they simply do not want to think!)

So, the anti-choice position is untenable, because it must be inconsistent. For no one can save a life and make it last forever. If you do save a life, which can be a very good deed indeed, you can only postpone death. For, in a few moments, hours, days, or years, the person whom you saved must leave this earth anyway.

The solution is not to try to "save every physical body." The solution, offered by Jesus and others (and Jesus never said a word about abortion) is, instead, to awaken to the fact that earthly life, however much we might deeply, tenderly, and lovingly care for it, is a temporary phenomenon. It is but an eye-blink in eternity. We must become aware that our real and true lives are forever; for, although the physical brain turns to dust after death, the non-physical Soulmind existed before birth and will continue to exist long after "death."

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