Thursday, June 04, 2009

Greed and Spirituality

We are in one hundred percent agreement about the exclusivity of the wealthy in several religious (but not spiritual) groups.

Jesus made his Message available to all. Holding a religious conference in a luxurious hotel only betrays an economic motive, rather than an honest and more spiritual one.

This can be a real tragedy for an honest heart in search of truth. It is a real shame.:(

This reminds all of us just how pervasive, and hence, invisible, is this kind of conartistry. So-called "teachers" who have their eyes on only the big hbucks are a danger to themselves and to society. Greed is an especially horrible mindisease, and when it infects a "teacher," the infection is spread far and wide. One of the best approaches is to make sure that we never support such greed-mongers. An even better response is to expose them at every opportunity.

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