Monday, November 26, 2007

A Holy Day


Christmas is coming. It is a "holiday," a contraction of "holy-day." It is arguably the "most holy" day of the year. Of course, to the spiritual, each and every day is holy; in a sense, every day is "Christmas." For each day gives us opportunities to express our Love. And our Love is the "interior Spirit of Christ," expressing in our little world.

Some rigid literalists reject Christmas. They argue that Jesus was not born on December 25. And this is likely true. No one really knows the exact day when Jesus was born.

But it is a good, healthy, helpful practice to celebrate Love in many forms. For it is not simply the birth of the human Jesus that is most commemorated by Christmas. It is instead the birth of the Christ-nature within our hearts. (This is the Lovemind.)

For this is the deeper, and more spiritual, meaning of Christmas. Love includes, and is powerfully expressed by, generosity. And that is why we give gifts. Christmas is not all about materialism, or gifts. But despite the commercial cynicism that has contaminated the holi-day, it is about giving, generosity, kindness, charity, and goodness. Cynics who refuse to celebrate it are often concerned more with their bank-account than with the happiness of the people around them. This might be the
real, deeper reason that some reject Christmas.

As Francis said, It is in giving that we receive. So, to give generously during Christmas is a special opportunity to serve God (Love) by giving gifts to others. For the only Way to love God is by loving others. And our giving should be a pleasure, not a task, job, or assignment. So, let us celebrate our special and very spiritual Christmas. Let us remind each other that we care. Let us touch bases with old friends, often neglected during ordinary days.

Let us abandon hard cynicism. Let us dare to believe-- in Love, in goodness, in generosity. Let us give the greatest gift of all-- our time and attention-- to accompany the merely material gifts. Let us shine the Love of the heart upon each other, in friendliness, in friendship, in forgiveness, abandoning old hurts and healing our friendship-circles. For this is the true meaning of Christmas, and this is what Love is all about.

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