Saturday, December 23, 2006

Subnormal or Supernormal?

Our society and culture have always had a very tough time discerning the supernormal from the subnormal. All that our culture knows is that an Adolph Hitler and a Jesus Christ are "abnormal."

But, since society terribly lacks discernment, a spiritual being dare not measure herself according to the standards of a spiritually arrested culture. So, the people of Love (Spirit) do not measure themselves by what the "neighbors" think. They must measure themselves by a higher standard.

That is the standard of a fully "grown" human being-- one who has abandoned her human identity for a higher self-identification. This wise spiritual being identifies herself as an incarnation of Spirit, or Love. She is not just an "animal." She is not just a "human being." Instead, she is a mind, or part of a huge, vast, immense Mind. She is a manifestation (incarnation) of the Mind of Love, or God(dess). She is part of the Buddha, or Christ. This new identity is revealed to her deeply within her own mind, during altered states produced by meditation, in stillmind, crystalmind, or interior silence.

Meditation changes her in very practical ways, as she moves towards becoming "the Buddha," or "the Christ." A gnostic Gospel, the Gospel of Phillip, said that the goal was to become "not just a Christian, but a Christ." And the Buddhists are famous for their saying,"You are already the Buddha."

For, deep within your mind dwells the Mind of "Love plus nothing." This galactic Love is huge and gigantic; it is great enough to over-ride, an dto cancel, any errors ("sins") that you, or others, have made. It results in total forgiveness of all mistakes. This leaves a being free, for she has come to know the interior Reality of Love. This fulfills the famous saying of Jesus, "You will know Reality, and Reality will set you free." In mysticism, "Reality" is one of the names of God-- Love. It is Love for ourselves and others that "frees" us from the traps of illusion. In time, we come to know that only Mind is real, and the entire material world an illusion or dream.

After that realization, we are interested in "investing" in only Mind, and not so obsessed with the "material and external" world-- which is neither.

One tool which helps us to explore interior spaces is the mantra. A very famous mantra is from ancient Tibet. It is om mani padme hum. This is pronounced, "aum money pud-may (first syllable rhyming with "bud," "mud,"etc) hoom (rhyming with "room," or "boom.")

This and other mantras can serve as the wings to lift the personal mind into the great Mind (Lovemind, Godmind, Coremind). Using Love as our sole guide, let us continue to reach for the "supernormal" state of loving. For it is supremely normal for us, or "super-normal," and it is also above the everyday state, or "supernormal."

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