Saturday, December 16, 2006

Buck Parker on our court victory for clean water

An important victory for clean water

Dear Friends, We just received exciting news about one of our most important cases -- a decision that can mean stronger clean water protections throughout the nation. For years, the South Florida Water Management District has pumped billions of gallons of polluted water directly into Lake Okeechobee --the states largest surface drinking water supply. The district had no permits to do this, and the results were massive toxic algae blooms, dramatic declines in fish and wildlife populations, and poisoned drinking water for communities that rely on the lake.

Earthjustice started fighting this problem in 1997, and on Monday, a federal judge in Miami ruled that pumping such as this, without the required Clean Water Act permits, is illegal. The decision has national implications. The court was clear: You need a permit to transfer polluted water. And that permit, of course, is going to have to impose pollution limits that meet Clean Water Act standards.

This is an important victory -- one that I wanted to share, since your support makes it possible. Sincerely,
Buck Parker
Executive Director

P.S. Click this link for more information on Lake Okeechobee.
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