Saturday, September 16, 2006

Richard Offline

Hello Readers. I am stepping out ever so briefly to pass on some news to the blog readers. I post these messages to Richard's blog for him. In case you have been wondering about the reduction in number of posting lately, see the message below - sent by his dear wife AdaMaria through the Yahoo Group. If you would, please send healing energy and love Richard's way. I have edited out a small bit of the note to preserve privacy. - Heidi, yr friendly blog post service

August 29, 2006

Dear Friends,

I am writing to let everyone know that Richard will be off-line for a while. He fell last Friday and broke his leg. He had surgery this past Saturday and is still in the hospital. He has been in a lot of pain with this and so please send your love and good healing energy for him. ...

Thank you in advance for your love and healing energy for my sweet boy.

Love, AdaMaria

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